Richard Stone‘s sculptural works:

“Described as elegantly restrained, Stone’s works oscillates in scale from the intimate to the monumental and resonate with a range of influences from the art historical to the popular cultural and culturally referential.
Such works have included figures engulfed in ghostly auras of smooth amorphous wax, erased landscapes, carpets unraveled and suspended, assemblages of earth, flowers, salt and other delicate ephemera and performative works.
Both heroic and flawed in aim, these works evoke physical and conceptual states of metamorphosis and flux where sharp contrasts of light and dark are interwoven with grainy expressions of solitude and stasis.”

the cloak (double view i)
the cloak (double view i)
antique parian figurine, wax
approx 9x5x4″

the day will come (double view i)
the day will come (double view i)
antique figurine, wax
approx 15x5x3″
still life (shell and boulder)
still life (shell and boulder)
antique figurines, wax
approx 4x8x4″ each

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