“Apparitions” is a series of saint statues virgin signed Soasig Chamaillard, artist in Nantes.

“Through the image of the Holy Virgin, I speak primarily of women in society today, as I see it. As a woman, my questions have led me to work on this sacred image that I respect. I only work on very damaged statues because I restore the statues in perfect condition continued their mystical path.

“I do not want to offend believers. ”

Born into a Christian Western society, I am a product and an observer of that society. I give to watch what I got, what makes me, what I see … which I think is a correct definition of the artist. ”


NEXT EXHIBITION June 2012 at the Hotel “MONEY” IN ROCHELLE. All will be revealed next pieces made on the occasion of this exhibition. They will also be visible on this site from June 2012. In the meantime, find out the details of these parts, and imagine …link



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