Surreal Photography Dreams By Kevin Corrado

The guy has rightly photographed surreal worlds! colleague Kevin Corrado lives offentsichtlich in other spheres as ‘n good rest of the world and is able, from NOTHING in any case’ build ne bizarre scene: grotesque images like umbrellas in the forest or severed body parts that look out of picture frames, etc. Well, every day is’ all zusammenschnippelt not what the guy from Connecticut in his pics, so that people and artifacts end up looking like they look. Dream and surrealism would think of our graphics students and “dream” artist Corrado certainly closer than you!

These crazy scenes are taken by photographer Kevin Corrado. Based in Connecticut, Corrado creates these wacky images that make no sense but have an interesting and fragmented narrative. Corrado views the world in unusual ways and presents that perspective to his viewers. He says, “We are all artists who love expressing our visions.” His surreal scenes include a body broken into pieces, a beach filled with raining umbrellas, and a body with missing parts walking down the center of train tracks. The visual connection of his photography is the creative disconnect of objects.



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