Tip Toland

Monkey Mind

Tip Toland‘s stoneware sculptures are realistic representations of the human form that will leave the viewer to question his or her own reactions to the human body and mind. Toland’s work is a reminder that we are constantly revising how we define beauty. An expression of humanity, Toland’s sculptures draw us by virtue of the artist’s skill but keep us there thanks to our connection.

Tender Flood detail

Grist view

Letter to God


dive sculpture

Milk for the Butter Thief

Amanda Lilleston

MFA ’12 candidate at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design, Amanda Lilleston takes the study of anatomy and turns her vision into large woodblock collage prints.

I am interested in understanding the vulnerability and strength of the human body. In much of my work, I investigated the inner workings of our anatomy. This exploration began by watching surgeries, researching physiology, and assisting in dissections. I used these methods to investigate, first-hand, the components that make us human. My primary medium is woodblock printmaking. I cut the woodblock surface by peeling, digging, and scraping, recording each stage of carving by inking the block and printing. I use multiples, collage, and chine-collé to transform my prints into new forms. I think of these as human parts: susceptible to gravity, discomfort and decay. The form on the paper becomes saturated and heavy, and over time structures develop, details accumulate, and layers fuse. While my imagery is grounded in reality, exaggeration and abstraction of shape, form, and color create new structures and spaces.


The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca by Dimitris Ladopoulos


Pieces of wood, love, knowledge and 299 hours of work, condensed in a 3 minute film. The new episode from the series ‘The Art of Making’, titled ‘Alma Flamenca’, is available for you to enjoy.

The ‘Art of Making’ series aspires to display and highlight certain people, which go against the spirit of today’s pessimism and desperation. They dare to dream and create with zeal and imagination. Armed with passion for knowledge and emotion, they attempt to combine the precision of science with the elegance and resourcefulness of art. We thank them wholeheartedly for their contribution.

Directed & VFX – Spiros Rasidakis, Dimitris Ladopoulos
Director of photography – Nikos Mexis
Editing – Yiannis Kostavaras
Sound design – Nikos Tsines
Guitarist & composer – Edsart Udo De Haes
Guitar maker – Vassilis Lazarides lazaridesguitars.com

visit film page at deepgreensea.net/work/35/


Skateboards by Arthur King

For his “Skateboards” project, artist Arthur King created a series of “re-worked” skateboards using a variety of everyday objects. From a sandwich, to a wood log, to a vintage suitcase – Arthur pulls everyday materials from the world of mass-produced objects into the realm of art through his use of appropriation.


Hyper Trophies

Moving still portrait sculptures.

A collaboration with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin.
Premiere at the Stink Temporary Gallery during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012.
1080p portrait screen exhibit: endless loop
Direction, Design, Concept, CG: ZEITGUISED
Sound design by Franz Kirmann.
Models: Medea Paffenholz and Kristin Keil wearing Franzius Winter Collection 2012/13
Styling: Franzius
Hair and Makeup: Ewa | nude agency

Exec Producer: Christian “Brox” Brochot

Grading: Das Kombinat



Photographer Nick Stern created a series of re interpretations of some best known works of Banksy in photography.

“It was a lot of work as I wanted to make sure every photo was an accurate representation, but the final results were worth it.

“For weeks leading up to each of the shoots I scoured Ebay to find props such as Jesus’s ring of thorns and the police helmets and even made some of them, like the RPG, myself.

“I just hope Banksy likes what I have done.”