Bestiarum Vocabulum

Actual canvas: 100cm x 140cm
Illustration by Singaporean Designer/artist Shi Chun .
“Thehuman form as a subject of celebration and beauty has withstood the passage oftime, whether in literature, dance, sculptures, paintings or other visual arts.Even as humans continue to discover new life and matter or conjure newaesthetics, celebration of the human form remains uncontested. From thehumanoid portrayals of Egyptian gods to the peak of portraiture in Renaissanceto modern day’s continuous artworks based on exploration of the human form, onemay start to question why most humans throughout the ages never seemed to wantto step out of this tradition. Perhaps it is the proud conscious in humans thatneeds to proclaim itself the epitome of beauty or perhaps it is something thathad been decided through evolution and nature.
However, the human form is not the subject of celebrationin this project. Rather, we want to question and bend the rules of this tradition.This project celebrates the free form and the grotesque, seeking beauty informs that are not human. There is much exquisiteness to be found among thecurves, shapes, volume, texture, and etc. in the free form and there is acertain attraction in the grotesque we call twisted, yet only because theconvention is the human form. It is possible that there may be a need torethink how people look at forms and claim which is true beauty or simply doaway with just having one subject that ranks highest on the ladder of beauty. Theworks are isolated and de-contextualized as the aim is not to create narrativesbut focus on the forms. Then, probably, there can be much more enjoyment inappreciating things that have never been noticed as “beautiful” before andvisually view everything else in this world with less prejudice. “

Actual canvas: 50cm x 70cm

Drawing in progress:


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