Candy PUNK

I just updated my online store. There’s a few new items available plus everything is on sale, including this piece. xx

Illustration by Rik Lee, who  lives and draws in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked for a range of clients including American Express, Nylon, Puma, Wired, Vodaphone, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Telstra, Vibe, Vice, Dotti, Clandestine Industries, Hurley, Honour Over Glory and Stussy. He works with grey lead pencils, textas, watercolours and his computer. When he’s not drawing Rik tries not to fall off his skateboard and enjoys talking in detail about the weather. Storms are his favourite. In the future he intends to draw more, travel more, get more tattoos, drive a ’67 Chevy Impala and move down the coast with his girl and his dog.

Currently signing, packing and posting print orders. Off to send them now, all the way from Fitzroy, with love.x (Taken with instagram)

Excited to be working on a project with the forever awesome Luii Badass. Here’s a work in progress…


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