recycle skateboard glasses


Designers Baptiste and Gianni Vuerich recycle old skateboards into high quality and unique sunglasses. Everything is handmade, amazing!

“First, we take off the grip, we cut the board to make the front part and the arms. We varnish, and finally, we assemble the different parts and insert lenses into the frame. Finally the sunglasses are ready to be worn.” – Vuerich B


Hugh Kretschmer’s metaphor

Native Los Angeleno Hugh Kretschmer is one of those rare photographers who has the ability to completely transform a commercial ad campaign or editorial piece into a magical story that will move you. Using metaphor and hand crafted trick-the-eye elements he transports us to surreal narratives full of humor and intriguing mystery where anything can happen.


Kris Trappeniers

Kris Trappeniers is a stencil artist from Belgium whose work is comprised of detailed large-scale portraits made with only the use of a scalpel and single sheet of paper. He first composes his pieces by starting with a loosely drawn portrait of his subject in pencil or pen. They are then cut by hand with an x-acto knife and later spray painted to produce what is shown here.


Without a brush – Atsushi Takahashi

the unusual paintings by Japanese artist Atsushi Takahashi are created not with a brush but instead by the squeezing
of oil and acrylic paint tubes directly onto the canvas. while from afar the images look like ordinary paintings or drawings,
at close range viewers can observe a tangle of thick dried paint with an untouched blank canvas at times exposed underneath,
achieving a balance of chaos and visual calmness.


Bulgarian Icons – The End of History

Portraits of the Unexpected by Sofia photograper/art director Lyubomir Sergeev(artist page).

This is the story of the long journey of a beautiful small country which has successfully been destroying itself through corruption, vileness, and political machinations that led to the painful agonizing existence of today’s generation. We and our families grew up in Bulgaria and never gave up. We continue our fight and critical thinking and this is our protest against the Present, our resentment and disillusionment, through the eyes of our rich history. Bulgaria’s celebrated Past is the only thing keeping us going and that is why, in order for us to be heard, we dared strike in its very heart, obliterate it and strip our nation from its pride and dignity.

We used the role – model of common people who became true legends and wrote history, in words and in spirit, with their struggles, courage and determination, and their sacrifice for the motherland. They are Bulgaria! Their ideal was their fight: “If I win, the entire nation wins; if I lose, I lose only myself.”

We undertook this long journey into the past to meet these khans, kings, monks, freedom fighters, poets, and princes, to show them Bulgaria today and hear their last resolve. This is how they answered us – with disappointment, disgust and pain.

“Portraits of the Unexpected” was a great challenge for us because the real End was foretold by the time we live in. Therefore, we will continue to sinfully ’’kill’’ our Bulgarian icons until someone convinces us otherwise.