Cassette Tapes skulls by Brian Dettmer

Atlanta based artist Brian Dettmer creates intricate sculptural skeletons using altered cassette tapes. Dettmer began his work in 2005 as he was thinking about the downfall of analog media. The idea hit him when he was walking down the street and saw a dead bird. He said, “Here was this thing that used to live, its used to fly around and play a vital role, and now it is dead and all that remains is the solid material.” Dettmer quickly put that idea to the role of cassettes in the media world. He soon used the “skeleton” of old cassettes to recreate actual skeletons of animals and humans. The amazing part is that Dettmer does not use glue or tape. He has kept his methods a secret, but he did reveal that he uses heat to mold the plastic together. When the plastic is hot he molds together the form with his hands.


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