One of my favorite street artst  NYCHOS is a graffiti artist from Vienna, Austria. Im obsess with his anatomic piece . (previous work , more)

  • Rooftop in New York 2012
  • Detroit Rock City
  • See No Evil (Bristol 2012)
  • Dissection of Mickey (Photo by Sophie Kirchner)
  • Lords of Metal Mural (Photo by Hannes Friesenegger) 

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One year of investigation was needed to bring to the world this revolutionary hair colour concept. Colours that reflect the reality inspired in textures like scales, linen, padded leather, knit wool, crystals and willow; textures that bring three-dimentional relief to the straight hair.
A new way to colour the hair. Reta2. Take the challenge.

X-PRESION RETA2 Take the challenge from X-PRESION PRODUCCIONES on Vimeo.


Hunters: Charks an’ Kittehs

Illustration comparison between two similarly voracious hunter killers – one is loved and the other is currently being senselessly hunted to extinction by kozyndan.

kozyndan are husband-and-wife artists who work collaboratively to create highly detailed paintings and drawings for both illustration and fine art. They are obsessed with the ocean and being underwater and hope to someday come to rest at the bottom of the sea and slowly be devoured by deep creatures over many years.