“Blind Virgin” Acrylic and collage on canvas,55×45 cm.

Skount adopts ample walls to introduce the full volume of his fantasy and his detail-loving hand to a broad audience that intentionally complements the sceneries within its own thoughts. His playful and enigmatic mural settings draw us out of day-to-day-life and transfer us into another world. Some of the figure’s garments are composed out of more than one dozen different fabrics what tells about Skount’s affection for decorative textures and shows his patience to translate his breezy ideas into the present by using adhesive spray paint.

“Looking for a new identity in the dark” Acrylic and collage on canvas, 90×100 cm.

“Satirical burlesque last supper” Acrylic and collage on canvas, 300×160 cm. 2011

“Arcane seasons” Acrylic and collage on canvas, 80×90 cm.

“My little baby money” Acrylic and mix technique on canvas 55×46 cm.


“Escaping thoughts” Mural realized in Old Jaffa port (Israel) during “Castro Street art project”. 2012

“Monster” Wall realized in Tel Aviv (Israel).2012. In collaboration with Beastman andJack TML

“Blind Virgin” and the white shadow of her faithful. Wall realized at “Stroke urban art fair” in Munich (Germany).2012

“The automata repairer” Mural realized in Essen (Germany). 2012


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