The Apostasy – Nicholas Baxter


“Anointing” Oil on Panel 24″ x 24″

Oil painting series Apostasy painted by Nicholas Baxter . Apostasy means renunciation of a religion by a person and this series explores science and medicine as the new religion.

These images represent an inquiry into the medicalization of modern society.  In our time, the specialized knowledge of an elite group has been canonized and made gospel, resulting in the learned helplessness of an increasingly ill populace. Surgeons and scientists alike have become the new priests of a material-industrial age, in which living organisms seem to be regarded as no more than an assemblage of mechanical parts. (read more)



“Almighty” Oil on Panel 12″ x 12″


“Hand Of God” Oil on Panel 24″ x 24″

“Baptised” Oil on Panel 12″ x 24″

“Light Of The World” Oil on Panel 12″ x 24″

“First Judgement” Oil on Panel 12″ x 12″

source: streetanatomy

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