sculpture in nature

Copper Beech Circle

Installation and sculpture in nature by land artist Richard Shilling . Richard proved art is absolutely free.

Richard Shilling makes sculptures from natural materials he gathers near to where each sculpture is made. Every sculpture is photographed in natural light, using normal camera equipment and without any photoshop trickery. Each photo accurately depicts how each sculpture appeared, at its most vibrant moment, before the elements reclaim the materials back to nature. Through his ongoing relationship with nature he explores themes to do with time, ecology and the constant flux of the seasons and expresses these ideas through his unique land art images.You can see much more of his work and read all about what he gets up to on the photo sharing siteFlickr and on his blog with updates every week and many new sculptures.

2 Tone Cliff Pebble Stack

Rowan Berry SquaresHazel Spheres

Equilibrium StackOak Leaf Colour Square

Rock Pool Toadstools


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