The Taxidermist

The incredible talent of students from Supinfocom Arles. The Taxidermist is a short animation 6 minutes signed by  Paulin Cointot , Dorianne Fibleuil ,  Antoine Robert and  Maud Sertour . The tribute of a widow to her husband taxidermist. Graphic style and gentleness that I especially love.One thing is sure, we will not soon see these young talents on the big screen. Allo Pixar?



Portrait Julian Canovas-Yañez

 Portrait Julian Canovas-Yañez a photo series by Spanish photographer  Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi .

Julian ( is a friend who I love and that I have a deep respect for being a complete and multidisciplinary artist. Julian is both filmmaker, sculptor, painter, photographer and writer. Long ago the idea of making a portrait that could describe their creative abilities and his constant quest for trying to understand your body and spirit. All this made ​​me reflect on their work and helped me develop the idea of this photographic work.