COMBUSTIBLE 火要鎮 aas awarded the Grand Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division on December 16th last year.Directed by KATSUHIRO OTOMO 大友克洋 (director and writer of akira1988).


The city of Edo, the 18th Century.Owaka, the daughter of a merchant family, and her childhood friend Matsukichi.The two were drawn to each other,but Matsukichi has been disowned by his family,and is working for the city fire brigade.Meanwhile, negotiations begin for the arrangement of Owaka’s marriage.Unable to let go of her thoughts of Matsukichi,her mad emotions make her bring about a massive inferno which razes Edo.By chance encounter, the two meet again amidst the fires.It is an epic spectacle set against the stage of the massive metropolis of Edo.



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