[CC] Electronic harvester


A German digital media student  had created a devise that can catch electronic energy from thin air.

We are sourrounded by electromagnetic fields which we are producing for information transfer or as a byproduct. Many of those fields are very capacitive and carry more energy than requiered. The redundant energy can be harvested with coils and high frequency diodes. Accordingly to this I built special harvesting devices that are able to tap into several electromagnetic fields to exploit them. The energy is getting stored in an usual battery. So you can for example gain energy from the power supply of a coffee machine, a cell phone or the catenary of a train by holding the harvester directly into the electromagnetic field whose strenght is indicated by a LED on the top of the harvester. Depending on the strenght of the field it is possible to charge a small battery within one day. The system is meant to be an option for granting access to already existing but unheeded energy sources. By exploring these sources it can create a new awareness of the invisible electromagnetic spaces.


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