carved bookstacks

We are all aware that books come from trees, but artist Kylie Stillman readapts them by turning them back into a version of their original form through sculpture. Carving carfeully into stacks of books, Stillman creates these beautifully delicate inverted reliefs that brings us a whole world of trees and birds through thoughtful silhouettes.


Bone – Anatomy Illustrated

Anatomy Illustrated is a book designed to showcase the master illustrators of the 16-19th centuries. In particular, it focuses on the illustrator William Cheseldon who was an English surgeon and teacher of anatomy, and who was influential in establishing surgery as a scientific medical profession. His works, along with many other illustrators, have been redesigned to a modern style, incorporating typography as a sense of interaction with the illustrations.


Smokable Book

RollingWords Book

Made from hemp-related materials, Rolling Words, Snoop Dogg’s smokable songbook, is the latest genius to come from The Doggfather of rap. The book is a promotion for Snoop Dogg’s Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers and features classic Snoop Dogg lyrics on each smokable page. That’s right. The book was designed to go up in smoke. Just rip out a page from Snoop’s songbook and get ready for the next episode. And, oh yeah, the spine of the book acts as a striking surface for your match.

RollingWords Detail

Poster Snoop coachella

RollingWords Logo