Skeletal Systems created by Canadian graphic designer Sophia Ahamed .

Skeletal Systems is a mixed media exploration of both the human and animal skeletal systems. The images are meant to bring out the emotional value of each bone structure providing the viewer with an abstract take on the inner workings of the body. This is a personal project that co insides with the illustration series OF Flesh and Bone.


Ramon and Dracu Ochaimie

Graphics of mystery European Dragons by Colombian artist Andrés Ariza (flickr)

The most familiar interpretations of dragons are European dragons , derived from the lore and mythology of Greece, Scandinavia and the Middle East, and also those of Eastern dragons . The word dragon comes from the Greek δράκων ( Drakon ), “dragon, serpent of huge size or water snake”, which probably comes from the verb δρακεῖν “see clearly”



Casey Cripe

Working in analog mixed media and in digital collage, Casey Cripe explores human anatomy, ecosystems, cosmology, phylum trees, current maps and the solar system in his work.

Cripe’s will be displaying his unique visualizations of human life, nature and cartography at his newest exhibition The Map is the Territory. Sixteen detailed, hand-made visualizations will be presented in sequential order to illustrate Cripe’s vision of a vast interconnected universe and coherent meta-narrative