JumpSeat Auditorium Seating



This Is an innovative clever and flat auditorium seating design by Ziba

The JumpSeat is a compact auditorium chair that is ideal for auditoriums, theaters and public assembly areas. Plywood and spring steel create the backbone of the JumpSeat’s cantilevered structure. Folding to less than four inches thick when not in use, the compact seat allows for the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of space.



Folditure Leaf Chair by Alexander Gendell

Sweet design of comfortable folding chairs that store within 3/4″ of space!Design by architect Alexander Gendell, is perfect for small dwellers or people who want to have extra seating on hand. The folding chair is the ultimate in space saving in that it is super slim in design (when flat) and hangs up in a closet with its convenient hook.

Folditure Leaf Chair by Alexander Gendell

Folditure Leaf Chair by Alexander Gendell

Folditure Leaf Chair by Alexander Gendell


animal vegetable mineral


The “Longhorned Borers” beetle’s caterpillars feed of the Eucalyptus tree. After every life cycle, a beautiful web of holes and tunnels decorates the tree’s branches left behind by the caterpillars.

In this project, the damage of the caterpillars to the tree is translated to functional and aesthetic elements.
The life of the tree, the caterpillars behavior and the filler material are all foundations in creating the group of objects.

The tin cast into the clock’s tunnels transfers the electricity from the battery to the engine, while the plastic cast into the tunnels of the stool and the lamp is used to join the components together.

animal vegetable mineral from Yaron Hirsch on Vimeo.

Savage Chair by Jay Sae Jung Oh

Savage Chair
Jute(Plant Fiber), Plastic Objects
56” x 44” x 42”

Manufactured objects conspicuously transform into unexpected new forms, making a strong statement about our current cultural condition of abundance. Sharp attention is focused on reconsideration of the ordinary. In this project, I started to collect discarded plastic objects, assembled them together, and wrapped them with a natural material. The transformation occurs in the amalgamated form and the concealment of this form. Innovation, invention, and beauty can emerge from anywhere, even the most familiar, ordinary and everyday.