Paul Chiappe’s Extremely Small Drawings of Vintage Photographs

Extremely small Hyper-realistic(?) drawings from Edinburgh-based artist Paul Chiappe.Recreating graphite versions of early 20th century photography, the artist meticulously produces his works within tiny confines. Many of his drawings fall below the 4×4 cm. mark.


Role Models

  • ‘Best’ Oil on Linen, 183 x 183cm
Hyper-realistic oil painting by UK born Australia base artist JKBFletcher.

My paintings address questions of whether photorealism or hyperrealism is anything more than a photograph with oil based paint. Using ‘reality’ and sensuality, Surface, texture, contrast and form to provoke thoughts and sensations of physicality and beauty.

  • ‘So1o’ Oil on Linen, 122 x 122cm

  • ‘FE-Male’ Oil on Linen, 122 x 122cm

  • ‘subject’ Oil on Linen, 183 x 183cm

  • ‘It’s a Bird’ Oil on Linen, 183 x 183cm

  • ‘Dare’ Oil on Linen, 122 x 122cm

  • ‘Slice’ Oil on Linen, 122 x 122cm


Cindy Wright


Cindy Wright paints large-scale portraits and still-life oil paintings that play at the intersection between figuration and abstraction, creating formal portraits that echo the pictorial history of traditional British painting. Wright’s portraits of friends and art world personalities are intermixed with canvases in which fresh meat turns the paint into rather abstract and unfathomable paintings.

Meatpearls 2

Baconcube 1

Baconcube 2