[PI]100pound of rice

the largest artwork ever made out of rice, Saeri Kiritani, a NY-based artist who originally hails from Kanazawa, has been named one of the winners of the National Portrait Gallery’s 2013 portrait competition. Titled, 100 pounds of rice, Kiritani glued together over 1 million grains of rice to create a 5-foot high portrait of herself. Even the hair is made from rice noodles.



[PI] Insane illusion sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic sculpture By Jonty Hurwitz with billion of calculation with computer before spending months considering how to materialize his warped ideas using perspex, steel, resin, or copper.

At heart I’m an artist scientist archetype that loves projects and people. Each of the art works and ventures on this site represent a part of what I am. From algorithms to finance to paint. This is the Binge Thinking Collection. Life is a journey and at each point we need to stop and evaluate our existence. Am I following my heart? Am I being true to myself and those I love? Am I making the right kind of difference to the world? The answers to these questions are never clear. This site holds the composite of revelations I’ve had on this journey. Here, I offer you my Hurwitz Singularities.





Born in 1961,PHILIPPE MAYAUX is a painter whose style defies any categories or classification. Obsessed with natural catastrophes and what is at plays at the core of myths, his vast body of work is both dystrophic and mesmerizing, sublime and bizarre.