[CC] Make your own PEZ heads

HOT POP FACTOHOT POP FACTORY a 3D print Jeweler y  company asked by their client  to come up with a fun 3D printed Holiday gift for each of their employees.They came up with an idea of scanning each employees’ face with a XBOX Kinect !Then they are printed with a 3D printer and replace the employees’ printed head with a PEZ head. 


3D Printing Katrina

3D Printing Pez Heads

3D Printed Custom Pez

Hot Pop Factory - Custom 3D Printed Pez Dispensers


Pop-up LEGO


A Japanese Lego mania talapz created a scale down pop-up temple “Tou-dai-ji”. You can make you own pop-up temple by following the instruction at the end of the video.


Salão Coboi


Sculptures produced by art project Salão Coboi.

Salão Coboi (Portuguese for Cowboy Salon) is the personal project of artist Apolinário Pereira.  Originally, the project began as a “collective that was born in 2009 two days after Michael Jackson’s death in the European Wild West (Portugal)”.  Pereira now operates Salão Coboi as a solo project.





Single piece for a group show curated by Galeria Dama Aflita celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 70s board game “Sabichão”.


A Photorealistic Comic Painting Series by Simon Monk

Bruce Wayne by Simon Monk

Artist Simon Monk just tipped us off to his fresh new paintings. Adding to his already popular series, Secret Identity, Monk paints the dynamic duo Batman and Robin (otherwise known as Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake) as trapped toys.

Placed in carrier bags and hung on a hook in a domestic space they become recently purchased objects, robbed of their enormous power they wield in their narratives, their dynamic energy stymied.

Tim Drake by Simon Monk

Peter Parker by Simon Monk

Clark Kent by Simon Monk


Kinetic Creatures, Cardboard Walking Animal Sculptures


Kinetic Creatures

Kinetic Creatures

Kinetic Creatures

Kinetic Creatures are cardboard walking animal sculptures by Alyssa Hamel & Lucas Ainsworth. The sculptures are made of cut cardboard parts that fit together with tabs and slots. They walk via a hand crank or on their own with an optional electric gear kit. Kinetic Creatures are intended to be learning projects for classroom or home use. Hamel and Ainsworth are raising funds on Kickstarter to finance production of the sculptures.

never under estimate children’s imagination – Child’s Own Studio


Child’s Own Studio started with a simple idea: to make a recognizable comfort toy for a 4 year-old boy based on his drawing.  It was an idea that launched my home-based craft business. Since then, I’ve custom made a few hundred soft toys based on children’s drawings, each one as unique as the child who drew it.

Child’s Own Studio celebrates children’s art and their imagination with every handcrafted one-of-a-kind soft toy.

The child’s drawing, a wonderful expression of childhood, is the starting point of the collaborative project. Details and color choices are reproduced as closely as possible so that the stuffed toy that arrives in the mail is immediately recognizable to the child who designed it.  It’s a fun, rewarding process, and kids love seeing their drawings come alive.