[PI] A journey though the human body

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Box anatomical made ​​entirely by hand with carving and collage of colored card. A journey inside the human body to discover what happens inside us. Inspired by the books of Bruno Munari, is a book-learning game of Valentina Formisano.
Photographs of James Ferri, mounting Valentina Formisano.
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[CC]The Violence of Mexican Drug Cartels

Mexican Drug Cartels

A bitterly violent war against Mexican Drug Cartels wages on across the U.S. border. Tens of thousands are being murdered, and over a million are being forced to flee their homes. U.S. laws and policy play a major role in the conflict’s violence. This video is about understanding the complexities of the war and why it is happening.


[CC]The Green Onion Man


There are all sort of superheroes all around the world, but there’s no superhero like the one in Japan and I have to give them credit for creativity. The Green Onion Man, created by the city government of Yonago (米子市) in Totori (鳥取県), in chapter 4 the green onion man is facing a new challenge !! Can the Green Onion Man save all the nerds in Japan ?!?! watch the video and find out …. source:Blog-Bu