[CC]The Green Onion Man


There are all sort of superheroes all around the world, but there’s no superhero like the one in Japan and I have to give them credit for creativity. The Green Onion Man, created by the city government of Yonago (米子市) in Totori (鳥取県), in chapter 4 the green onion man is facing a new challenge !! Can the Green Onion Man save all the nerds in Japan ?!?! watch the video and find out …. source:Blog-Bu


Onania is an infected universe that has been accumulating character and detail since Jan Manski’s MA at Central Saint Martins in 2010. Onania’s development has been unrelentingly pervasive of Manski’s practise, appropriate to its nature as a diseased scourge.

THE ONANIZER-Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience

The Onanizer is the root of Onania. Designed to mould seamlessly to the user’s body, the ‘limitless pleasure’
machine invites its users to a realm of singular focuson themselves. Sophisticated advertising tricks are played
on our atavistic compulsions of fulfilling basic instincts.The Onanizer reflects the ultimate aim of Onania, which
is the most perfect and heightened existence of blissful solitude.

Strausz – Garoto Nacional


Brazilian musician Strausz’s lastest music Garoto Nacional had used a lot of Japanese pop culture footage in their music video. In the video there are various of well known iconic character such as pokemon, Godzilla, Atomu …and of cause lot of Japanese anime footage such as Akira . After all the track itself sound pretty groovy.