[CC] Make your own PEZ heads

HOT POP FACTOHOT POP FACTORY a 3D print Jeweler y  company asked by their client  to come up with a fun 3D printed Holiday gift for each of their employees.They came up with an idea of scanning each employees’ face with a XBOX Kinect !Then they are printed with a 3D printer and replace the employees’ printed head with a PEZ head. 


3D Printing Katrina

3D Printing Pez Heads

3D Printed Custom Pez

Hot Pop Factory - Custom 3D Printed Pez Dispensers



Rob Prideaux

In this series, Smoke & Fire, Rob Prideau takes shots of the subject matter that the title suggests. The photos above are from the smoke side of the series. When asked to describes his works, he says that people are often confused and don’t know what to do with it.

“People in a professional art-buying capacity seem challenged to figure out what to do with it, and I can’t blame them. The pictures fit more easily into a fine art/decorative category than a potential editorial or an ad.”

Prideau, who is mostly a product photographer (as his biography states on his website, he’s interested in artifice, contrivance, exaggeration and heroic objects) but what he’s been able to do with smoke is really beautiful. Rather than billows of smoke, he has turned it into something fluid, not the blast you get in your face while cooking marshmellows! For more of Prideaux’s work, click here.


Digital keyboard

Removing the keys from old computer keyboards and typewriters, Australian artist WBK .Keyboards are no exception to this rule, and the digital waste created by the millions of keyboards thrown out each year is astounding. Here’s a clever way one artist is re-using a few of those old keyboards, putting there keys to a new and artistic use.


Casey Cripe

Working in analog mixed media and in digital collage, Casey Cripe explores human anatomy, ecosystems, cosmology, phylum trees, current maps and the solar system in his work.

Cripe’s will be displaying his unique visualizations of human life, nature and cartography at his newest exhibition The Map is the Territory. Sixteen detailed, hand-made visualizations will be presented in sequential order to illustrate Cripe’s vision of a vast interconnected universe and coherent meta-narrative