Paul Chiappe’s Extremely Small Drawings of Vintage Photographs

Extremely small Hyper-realistic(?) drawings from Edinburgh-based artist Paul Chiappe.Recreating graphite versions of early 20th century photography, the artist meticulously produces his works within tiny confines. Many of his drawings fall below the 4×4 cm. mark.


Lucy McLauchlan at Famé Festival 2012


One of the street art festivals in the world is the FAME Festival , this is done in Grottaglie, Italy for four weeks and various artists from around the world gather to paint not just facades but also to decorate pottery, material very famous in that city. Lucy McLauchlan will be one of the guests at the festival, where we once again show his skill with the brushes and brushes, not only on the walls but also in ceramics.

Lucy McLauchlan at Famé Festival 2012 from Beat13 on Vimeo.’