Nandan Ghiya

With no formal training, Nandan Ghiya has put his own stamp on deconstructive art. Using a combination of photographs, paints, and other found items, the former fashion design student has been able to craft a series of interesting mixed media pieces which address the effects digital technology has on indigenous cultures and personal identities.



Portraits Made from Their Own CDs

Bob Marley

Using over 6500 CDs in total, the likenesses of seven musical icons (all deceased) were created using their own albums. The project is titled “Piracy” and it’s a TBWA ad campaign, conceived by Italian artists Mirco Pagano andMoreno De Turco, to show how these artists were “killed” due the “virus of piracy”.

Michael Jackson

James Brown

Elvis Presley

Jim Morrison

Jimi Hendrix

Freddie Mercury

Michael Jackson

Up close



The Exploded Portraits of Lola Dupré

Lola Dupré, a young artist who is currently working in Glasgow but is soon to move to the south of France, is using those basic elements in order to pay homage to the work of famous artists like Man Ray andVermeer. Lola, who defines herself as a collage artist and illustrator, caused a big buzz with her recent works that could be defined as kaleidoscope explosion portraits.



Claudio Parentela

Born in Catanzaro(1962-Italy) where he lives and works…Claudio Parentela is an illustrator,painter,photographer,mail artist,cartoonist,collagist,journalist free lance…Active since many years in the international underground scene