Kinetic Sculptures by David C. Roy

Kinetic sculptures by David C. Roy 

Mechanics and motion have always fascinated me. During college I studied physics, engineering and chemistry to further my understanding of how things worked. I graduated with a degree in physics from Boston University in 1974. This intuitive understanding of motion and mechanics combined with the artistic influences of my wife, Marji, led me to the creation of kinetic sculpture


Chris Cunningham: jaqapparatus1


A sculptor/director/makeup-artist/musician, Chris Cunningham use his latest Laser-Fueled Robo-Sex Ballet to express his creativity .

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From his formative years sculpting alien heads for Ridley Scott to his recent “jaqapparatus1” robotic performance-art installation, seminal music video director-turned-artist Chris Cunningham retraces his varied and critically acclaimed career in this personal, self-directed short. One of an elite group of directors alongside Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry and Jonathan Glazer who redefined MTV in the 1990s, Cunningham elevated the pop promo to a burgeoning art form with daring and disturbing music videos for the likes of Aphex Twin, Björk and Madonna. While his peers graduated to the big screen, Cunningham went underground, quit making promos and commercials, and spent the best part of a decade experimenting with fusions of film, music, art and technology that culminated in a string of live audio-visual performances at festivals in Japan and Europe. For “jaqapparatus1”, his first installation unveiled last month at the Audi City London high-tech concept store—a shadowy, sci-fi set involving two laser-firing robots locked in what seemed like a brutal mating ritual-cum-war—Cunningham cast two Talos motion-controlled camera rigs as his anthropomorphized protagonists. “Mounted on the robots heads are powerful lasers which they use to attack, repel and communicate with each other,” explains Cunningham, “a kind of duel, a surreal mating display which sees each machine trying to dominate the other.”



Espresso Solo

Israeli designer Shmuel Linski created a conceptual project called Espresso Solo, the conceptual product features metal working parts and a concrete case.
The espresso machine makes only espresso: short and long. The design process begun in choosing the material: I choose concrete. I had a vision: concrete in the kitchen, not only as a wall or decorative part, I wanted it to be a desirable consumer product. The contrast between the roughness, massiveness and hardness of the concrete and the fine metal parts, which are dealing with the coffee preparation process, was very challenging and interesting for me.
making of :

How to show the importance of a € 2 donation?

“The Power Of A Coin”, a billboard designed by the agency Kolle Rebbe transformed into interactive donation box for the charity that deals with assistance to disadvantaged children.
Insert a € 2 coin and find out with a superb mechanical animation, what is your practice room (gift) in foundation projects. A camera takes a picture of the donor, it can publish on Facebook and share information about their donations and the foundation.

source: Golem13


Danish artist Eske Rex created a incredible drawing machine . This drawing machine has a construction in which two clocks are suspended in their respective tower structure and connected to the “draw arms” and jointed. The focal point is a pen, resting on a sign plan with paper, mounted. The two pendulums pushed, by hand, and their movements plotted on paper. Draw machine serves two main purposes: as exhibition objects where Pendulum The movements affect the entire room and the viewer must experience the whole body. While the rhythmic repetition makes the viewer to stop, “induced” also drawing on paper.And as a working tool which tegenmaskinen serve as a tool to make studies of the relationship between time force and motion.