John Woo (not the face/off director) is a designer and illustrator based in Hong Kong. He just made ​​this series very fashion film where the heroes are dressed again for facelift. Dolce & Gabbana , Moncler , Thom Browne …

for MilkX

for Highsnobiety

for Highsnobiety

for Clark Magazine

for Highsnobiety

for Swide

for Swide




banal life of Super-Heroes

Hong Kong photographer  Chowkarhoo create a banal life of Super-Heroes in the streets of Hong Kong photograph series. Wolverine working in a butcher cutting meat with his claws, Spiderman is a packer and Wonder Woman made ​​her jogging down her house, Green Hornet collecting garbage on the beach …



When cult movie become Persian illuminated manuscripts

A series of illustrations of famous movie by Turkish illustrator Murat Paltat . Work style that reflects the spirit of graphic Persian illuminated manuscripts , of Romanesque art or manuscripts of some of the embroidery of the Bayeux tapestry . Can you name them all ????


The Dolly Shot – Tribute to Spike Lee


Locking up your character in a frame, making it all without moving your character out of focus, showing the desperation of a moment, that people understand the intent of what happens inside the head of your subject.

That’s a resource that New Yorker director Spike Lee passed in each of his films where his technique by placing the character on a cart called dolly , which moves the rails and make your story have a dramatically tense moment. Here are some of those shots that has made through his prolific career.