James Brown Saatchi & Saatchi Music Video Challenge

Xavier Fauthoux won first prize in the Music Video ChallengeSpecial Xavier James Brown organized by Saatchi & Saatchi. A beautiful tribute animated.

“James Brown is a force of nature, a gift from heaven. he invented funk, it was a symbol of freedom and success for millions of black Americans who combataient for their civil rights, who saw him as a source of hope and pride. ‘

Director’s Cut – James Brown music video – It’s Man’s Man’s Man’s World from SHOOT THE BOSS on Vimeo.



Østersøen (Ödland, Sankta Lucia) amazing stop motion animation

Exquisite Papercraft Stop Motion Video for Ödland video music animation

Ödland, album Sankta Lucia (october 2011).
Directed by Vincent Pianina & Lorenzo Papace (may 2012)
Music written, composed and recorded by Lorenzo Papace.
Alizée Bingöllü : chant
Lorenzo Papace : pianet
Léa Bingöllü : scie et chant
Isabelle Royet-Journoud : balais

Exquisite Papercraft Stop Motion Video for Ödland video music animation

Exquisite Papercraft Stop Motion Video for Ödland video music animation



The Shins “The Rifle’s Spiral”


The film mixes traditional puppet animation with 2D paper hinged animation. It was shot at our stages in Ojai CA. We shot with the Canon 5D, and 7D and 60D using Dragonframe software. For moving shots we used a rig called the Volo by ARC Motion Control (arcmoco.com). We also used a nice camera slider by Dito Gear.


Direction: Jamie Caliri
Production Designer / Co-Director: Alexander Juhasz
Editor: Steve Beebe
Lead Animator: Anthony Scott
Animators: Matt Manning, Mike Johnson, Rachel Larsen, Kent Burton, Rich Zimmerman
Post Production Supervisor: Damien Christian D’Amico
Puppet Fabrication: Pablo Grande Weiss, Yoriko Murakami, Robyn Yannoukos
Scenic Artist: Vera Long
Prop Artist: Kristen Droney
Set Designer: Neva Williams
Production Manager: Elyse Kelly, Susan Bell
Stage Manager: Matthew Manning


One Day On Earth – Cut Chemist

Cut Chemist is a master of the turntable that slowly has been involved in audiovisual experiments that help in the staging of his act as a DJ. He has also spent time on these exercises and has already become an expert in the assembly of parts as we see below.

It is a day on Earth, our planet. Turning around to it. Is the union of cultures, traditions exhibition, the world united by music and dancing.