[PI] 3D print concrete brick ready to grow

Designed by Rael San Fratello Architects, the Planter Bricks are custom designed concrete masonry units that can hold plants and vegetation. The planter bricks have the potential to counter the heat island effect in big cities through evapotranspiration and pollution conversion. The plants in the wall help mediate the temperature of the microclimate surrounding the building, buffer sound and help filter the air.


Kohei Oda’s collection of creepy cacti


Kohei Oda is a botanist. But not just any botanist. He runs a shop in Hiroshima called Qusamura (pronounced, kusamura), where he sells one-of-a-kind, slightly off-beat cacti with “nice faces.” But not in the human sense. Many of his plants appear to be from another planet. Over on his blog he’s even started pairing different plants with their own matching yokai – supernatural monsters that appear in Japanese folklore.