[CC] Literally blind skater Tommy Carroll

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Tommy Carroll has skated since age 10. He began to develop cancer of the retina from age 2 and was completely blind. Skateboarding is all about pushing the limits and have fun, Tommy completely push the limit of both skateboarding and being blind . What he likes most is waking up early and feeling the sun on his body while skating the bowl.


recycle skateboard glasses


Designers Baptiste and Gianni Vuerich recycle old skateboards into high quality and unique sunglasses. Everything is handmade, amazing!

“First, we take off the grip, we cut the board to make the front part and the arms. We varnish, and finally, we assemble the different parts and insert lenses into the frame. Finally the sunglasses are ready to be worn.” – Vuerich B


The Epic & The Beasts


Skateboarding and slow-motion are always good combination ,even if you don’t skate it’s always a beauty to watch .

When we were kids we never dreamt of being a firemen, a pilot or superhero. We always wanted to be skateboarders, jumping up curbs, down the stairs and filp our boards as many times as we could. This has not changed until today.


Filmed in germany´s most beautiful city: Dresden

Directed & Edited by Sebastian Linda


Confessions of an Old Dirty Skateboarder, An Art Show by Mike Giant

Mike Giant

San Francisco’s FFDG is hosting Confessions of an Old Dirty Skateboarder, a solo art show featuring the work of San Francisco-based graffiti artist, illustrator and tattooist Mike Giant. The show will feature drawings by Giant as well as his “personal collection of skateboards he illustrated the graphics for, including boards from his early career”. The opening reception is Friday July 20, 2012 from 7 PM to 10 PM and the show runs through August 12, 2012.



Mike Giant

Mike Giant



Stair Rover by PoChih Lai

skateboading, aiming to push the boundaries further. The piece creates a groundbreaking form of sport which previously never existed and utilises the hidden energy of our cities – stairs. STAIR ROVER – the Stairboard is a product that relies on the other product – stairs, which are found easily within the human habitat, especially in cities.

Material : aluminum, maple, bamboo, PU rubber, PVC

Skateboards by Arthur King

For his “Skateboards” project, artist Arthur King created a series of “re-worked” skateboards using a variety of everyday objects. From a sandwich, to a wood log, to a vintage suitcase – Arthur pulls everyday materials from the world of mass-produced objects into the realm of art through his use of appropriation.


HUF x Haroshi x DLX

HUF x Haroshi x DLX Collaboration – HUF partners up with Tokyo-based artist Haroshi and Bay Area skateboard distributor DLX on a limited edition collaboration.


Saturday, January 7th, 2012 // 7PM – 11PM // 545 S. Clarence St., Los Angeles, CA, 90033 // Exhibiting six original works by Haroshi // Featuring a live performance by Tommy Guerrero, Money Mark, Ray Barbee & Fredo Ortiz // Free admission // RSVP: haroshi_rsvp@hufworldwide.com

HUF x Haroshi x DLX Teaser 003 shot in Tokyo by Shinto God, cut by Martin Reigel. Collaboration available January 7, 2012.