Neo Pop Surrealism

There are no digital prints, photographs, collage, airbrush or projections involved in mywork. The subjects and ambiguous light sources are hand painted rows and rows of acrylic colors or tones, going from dark to light in countless layers. All the patterns are drawn first around a cardboard template upon the background field color and then painted tonally to match the background. Each painting can take anywhere from three to six weeks to execute, depending on the size.

  •  “Screwed Up 2011” 32 x 42Acrylic on Canvasprice upon request

  •  “Beauty and the Ugly Truth 2010” 42 x 54Acrylic on Canvasprice on request

  • “Novice Punk 2011” 40 x 32Acrylic on Canvasprice on request

  • “Rolex Revolutionary 2010”  60 x 48Acrylic on Canvasprice upon request

  •  “Whodo Guru 2010” 36 x 42Acrylic on Canvasprice upon request

  •    “Life in the Balance 2010” 48 x 60Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

  • “Mypad 2010” 30 x 40Acrylic on Canvasprice on request

  •  “Birds of a Feather 2011” 48 x 36Acrylic on Canvasprice on request
Painted by : Stephen Hall