banal life of Super-Heroes

Hong Kong photographer  Chowkarhoo create a banal life of Super-Heroes in the streets of Hong Kong photograph series. Wolverine working in a butcher cutting meat with his claws, Spiderman is a packer and Wonder Woman made ​​her jogging down her house, Green Hornet collecting garbage on the beach …



A Photorealistic Comic Painting Series by Simon Monk

Bruce Wayne by Simon Monk

Artist Simon Monk just tipped us off to his fresh new paintings. Adding to his already popular series, Secret Identity, Monk paints the dynamic duo Batman and Robin (otherwise known as Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake) as trapped toys.

Placed in carrier bags and hung on a hook in a domestic space they become recently purchased objects, robbed of their enormous power they wield in their narratives, their dynamic energy stymied.

Tim Drake by Simon Monk

Peter Parker by Simon Monk

Clark Kent by Simon Monk